Services Available Now! – Pictures coming!

Silk Screening

T-shirts, Book Bags, Posters, Magnets, Coroplast Signs, er…..ooh personalized lunch bags (brown bag it!), special occasion gift bags, shopping bags, say bag one more time, right?

Heat Press (Industrial Strength Iron-ons!)

Why Heat Press instead of silk screening? It depends on how much you want of what really. The set up time (and therefor cost) for a silk screen print job is going to be more than a heat press set up. UNLESS – you want something super custom with full color that I’m creating from scratch that takes hours to do on the computer and you only want one… It might balance out. Generally speaking though, it’s more cost effective to screen larger numbers (say 10 plus, depending on the artwork) where the Heat Press (as yet unnamed) is good for one or two. But, the screened stuff may last longer. It’s a toss up. Let me know what you want, I’ll do the math and let you know what your options are. It’s really not black and white. Unless that’s what you want… Bad joke.

Coming Soon:

Offset – Just waiting for it to warm up enough!

Letterpress – Need to find a place that has 210 or convince my landlord to make a change…

Thermal Engraving – Got here today! Woohoo! Experimenting soon, bah ha ha ha…. I need to get a magenta lab coat. And safety glasses. If anyone can locate and send me some magenta framed safety glasses I will make you a t-shirt for free. Totally.

Well I didn’t get these monsters to just sit there….

See the monsters in the garage here.


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