I won’t lie, I love it. I got an iPhone just so I could carry a camera with me at all times without actually having to carry a camera with me at all times. You can even get lenses for it, which I am not going to get. I would have to remove my Otter case. I drop my phone ALL THE TIME. I would kill it within days. No way.

These are a mix of my favorite pictures, taken with a plethora of cameras over time. Most recently the iPhone because my camera is dead. I didn’t drop it. I committed the worst sin of a photographer (in my mind) and stopped using it regularly for a while. The shutter is stuck. Won’t turn on. I’ve tried every trick the internet told me to short of banging it on a piece of wood. Opening the batteries while I took a long exposure picture in the dark worked several times, but not anymore.

It’s old enough that camera shops have just scoffed when asked about repairing it. I am almost at the point of being ready to take it apart myself. What have I got to lose? If anything I can take pictures of the procedure with my phone and post them on here. With my phone! Such a slave.



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