I don’t even think I need to write about this. It’s a pretty self descriptive slide show detailing the massive failure on the cake’s part. Me? I did everything right. I blame it all on the cake. Damn it tastes good.


No copyright infringement intended. This picture was innocently borrowed from someone who innocently borrowed it from Amanda Palmer's brilliant Kickstarter video. I didn't take it. Although I wish I had, I love it.

Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.
I’ve spent the last four (three really) months trying to settle into my “almost” dream house. I haven’t really done any work since we moved in. I’ve put stuff away, and meticulously set up ornaments, re-potted plants, moved furniture around 3 times; all of those things you do when you settle in. Somewhere along the way, more lately than ever I lost my focus. The only thing I’ve really focused in at least a month is the situation with the upstairs neighbor.

I like to blame our living situation for the fact that I haven’t made a ring in months, haven’t been able to focus on painting or work something out of clay or writing anything other than a colossal public whine-a-thon when I should be writing funding proposals. Blame the neighbors, blame the dogs (there are an extraordinary amount of dogs on my street), blame the months of construction in earshot, blame the unreasonable amount of noise from upstairs. It’s so easy to relinquish myself of any responsibility I might have, all in the name of creative block. After we move, in the dead of winter; I’ll find some focus.

Whatever. I love a challenge. Bring it on.

This song is helping immensely.

I’ve been on an Amanda Palmer kick since I heard it. And I’ve been drawing (helps me avoid packing). It’s quiet enough right now that I have the headphones on because I want to, not because I need them to drown out the noise. Awesome.

So thank you DFZ and AFP. I needed that. Collectively, you rock.

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And go listen to this, right now.


New Tenant

If this is what I think it might be I might freak out. It`s in my sunroom. Right now. On the one hand I wanted to help it because it looked like it had a fly stuck to one leg, like it was on a web and took some with it. I`m REALLY hoping it didn`t come in with me after crawling around in the garden doing fall clean up. OMG. I`m freaking out a little bit. More so that if it is what I think it is there might be more. In my house. I hate them. And yet at first I was all fascinated right up close. Then I heard the words. And I saw the tree at the zoo that moved. Like the WHOLE tree. Full from top to bottom with shiny gross skittery cock roaches. PLEASE someone tell me this is something else.

On the bright side, I got some neat pictures. Look at it`s eyes! I can`t any more. I`m getting all itchy.

I started looking into it in the spring and I was thrilled. And my brain was on fire. There was enough chaos for a while that I just put it on the proverbial shelf and forgot it there. Until recently. After 3 months I’m starting to feel settled in enough to start working on things that don’t involve moving furniture and hanging pictures. Rather, making furniture and taking pictures.

If I want to do that, I need to either find a magic pumpkin loaded with cash or just do the crowd-source funding like everyone else. So, I`m back to it. Now I just have to answer a few (HAH) questions for myself before I get started.

What am I funding exactly? Do I want to limit my first wade in the pool to small goals of getting better camera equipment, focusing only on photography? Or do I canon ball off the deep end and go for all of it, the industrial space for the big picture (no pun intended this time) – including tools like a camera and a compound miter saw? See? Lots of questions. Once I answer them I`ll have a whole new set. Like what to do for my video campaign. YIKES.

Have you gone for a swim? Do you know the secrets to successful crowd-sourced funding videos? Kick-starter or Indiegogo or MeBlitz or? Please leave a comment! I could really use some crowd sourced opinions! Like how you would spell crowdsourcing?!

I started working on this shortly after I left my job at you know where (if you know me). FINALLY (9 months later) I’ve finished carving it and started printing. There’s still some work to do. Not very happy with the lines. But getting there. Woohoo!

BUT WAIT! Hours later after not looking at them for a while I kind of really like them just how they are, collectively. Hmm. Funny how that works.