Paying The Bills

I’ve had 14 years of practical experience in the visual communications industry. Either physically building signs or running an offset press right up to layout and design for print, signage and web. Been there, done that. Unless someone offers me a ridiculous amount of money that I can’t refuse because a close relative needs an operation OR I feel a massive emotional benefit in doing it, I probably won’t go back to it any time soon as a full time gig. The last one chewed me up and spit me out. Or rather, made me want to spit myself out and brush my teeth obsessively for a several months after I left.

My Philosophy

I believe there is still a place for integrity and accountability in business and life.

I won’t lie to you. If I don’t think I can do your job I’ll let you know, and find you someone who can.

I won’t ask you to take out a second mortgage to pay your bill, my prices are fair.

I will ask for a 30% deposit on all graphic design projects.  I can’t work for free!

If it’s for a non profit group, let me know. I might work for free.

Have a job in mind?


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