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I've Moved!

Now that we’ve settled into our house it was time to figure out my online hoarding tendencies. More like a way to avoid more unpacking, but it works. I’ve got a store ALMOST ready to go – I think it works to pay with Paypal so far but I have to get an SSL Certificate and I’ll be rockin the credit cards in no time. In theory. And I may have actually found a format I’m mostly happy with. I couldn’t believe it either. Something to do with letting go…


I have a list as tall as I am of things I want to do. The problem is there are so many of them I never know where to start so I get completely side tracked and feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. The stupid thing is that in a matter of a couple of hours I made a batch of Honey Roasted Cashews and Almonds, started blowing out eggs (holy CRAP that isn’t easy) and made an oven baked omelette with mushrooms and broccoli for dinner. Amazing by the way. So, not completely UN productive. Just not in the way that will open the door for potential income. Unless someone wants to buy some nuts because crap they are good. I would buy them. See? Distracted. This was my day. And is most days, just with some variation on the recipes lately.

What I really want to do is get my hands on some fabric so I can start making Batik prints. Or prints in general. Maybe I should just write out the entire 6 foot list. Then I can at least have something to cross off. Or hang on the wall because I haven’t made any prints yet! Good grief.

How are you reacting to the swing of things?

I had every intention of waking up early this morning and starting it off right with a fruit and veggie smoothie. I figured out almost immediately that I should have taken out the frozen 4 field berry mix last night to thaw. I shudder every time I think back to my daughter’s BF stubbornly trying to make one with frozen solid strawberries. Painful. But, I was determined to have a smoothie so I measured about 2 cups and waited… Had a coffee. Did the usual page checks, email. I get a ridiculous amount of links to porn sent to my email. By the time I deleted them all and went for more coffee the berries were still frozen. 11:42. Plan miserably failed. I had a turkey wrap. That’s sort of healthy right? It was on flat bread and had lettuce after all. I’m cutting down my Mayo consumption (addiction) so just a little bit of that with some spicy mustard and YUM. I really need to pick up some seeds so I can grow more sprouts. They’d be great on these wraps! I’ve tried Radish which added amazing amounts of flavor and texture to my sandwiches for a while.

Still determined, when the fruit was finally thawed I threw in half a large Carrot, about a 1/3 of an English Cucumber, the frozen 4 Field Berry Blend, and a big spoonful of fat free Greek Yogurt into the blender and went to town. I haven’t made a Daiquiri for years… It took a while. I hate getting seeds in my teeth. Drives me batty. So I liquified the crap out of it. It helped with the seeds but my face sucked right into itself when I tested it. Total lemon face. I added a banana and Presto! Awesome smoothie. Too much for a snack though so half of it is in the fridge ready to go tomorrow morning when I get up early… Right.

I also made a soup experiment but I have food coma from eating it so I’ll need to write about it later!

Practicing Gratitude Daily…

5cups yingyang veg smooth Radish Sprouts grown on the counter from seeds.

No copyright infringement intended. This picture was innocently borrowed from someone who innocently borrowed it from Amanda Palmer's brilliant Kickstarter video. I didn't take it. Although I wish I had, I love it.

Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.
I’ve spent the last four (three really) months trying to settle into my “almost” dream house. I haven’t really done any work since we moved in. I’ve put stuff away, and meticulously set up ornaments, re-potted plants, moved furniture around 3 times; all of those things you do when you settle in. Somewhere along the way, more lately than ever I lost my focus. The only thing I’ve really focused in at least a month is the situation with the upstairs neighbor.

I like to blame our living situation for the fact that I haven’t made a ring in months, haven’t been able to focus on painting or work something out of clay or writing anything other than a colossal public whine-a-thon when I should be writing funding proposals. Blame the neighbors, blame the dogs (there are an extraordinary amount of dogs on my street), blame the months of construction in earshot, blame the unreasonable amount of noise from upstairs. It’s so easy to relinquish myself of any responsibility I might have, all in the name of creative block. After we move, in the dead of winter; I’ll find some focus.

Whatever. I love a challenge. Bring it on.

This song is helping immensely.

I’ve been on an Amanda Palmer kick since I heard it. And I’ve been drawing (helps me avoid packing). It’s quiet enough right now that I have the headphones on because I want to, not because I need them to drown out the noise. Awesome.

So thank you DFZ and AFP. I needed that. Collectively, you rock.

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And go listen to this, right now.

New Tenant

If this is what I think it might be I might freak out. It`s in my sunroom. Right now. On the one hand I wanted to help it because it looked like it had a fly stuck to one leg, like it was on a web and took some with it. I`m REALLY hoping it didn`t come in with me after crawling around in the garden doing fall clean up. OMG. I`m freaking out a little bit. More so that if it is what I think it is there might be more. In my house. I hate them. And yet at first I was all fascinated right up close. Then I heard the words. And I saw the tree at the zoo that moved. Like the WHOLE tree. Full from top to bottom with shiny gross skittery cock roaches. PLEASE someone tell me this is something else.

On the bright side, I got some neat pictures. Look at it`s eyes! I can`t any more. I`m getting all itchy.