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Posted: January 5, 2013 in Diary Of A Short Attention Span, Experiments, Food
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So here it is a brand new year. The world did change as I know it over the holidays, as promised. No fire and brimstone, I just decided I really like to bake. And cook. Not shocking because we have been blessed with this super awesome kitchen. What is shocking is my love for entertaining. My entire adult life I think I’ve had people over for dinner maybe twice – if you don’t include the big dinners I used to make for the random roommates and crashers 20 years ago. I still have that crock pot. I worry that it’s going to catch fire occasionally. Hmmm.

Where was I going with that? Oh yeah, the idea of me hosting a dinner was akin to the idea of Dracula using garlic breath mints. That’s a terrible comparison but I’m sticking with it. The point is with some help from my Auntie C we had 8 people for dinner Christmas Eve and I was giddy. That motivated me to do New Years Eve which was only for 6 but I went a little crazy and we are still eating leftovers. Anyway, I’m having a blast in the kitchen. Possibly because it gives me something to take pictures of inside the house when it’s cold out! My love got me a macro lens for my phone. Uh- oh…

  1. Nancy Todaay says:

    I love your pictures! I decided when Willem retires and is home at dinnertime, I’m going to start inviting people over for dinner! Right now i just invite them over for campfires in the tipi!

    • Nona says:

      Thanks Nancy! I think that’s a great idea. I need to do it more. I would totally have people over for fires in my tipi if I had one!! I might get away with a chimnea (?) on the front porch. We left our fire pit behind on the last move. (boo)

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