Monday In My Kitchen

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Diary Of A Short Attention Span, Experiments, Food, Generally Speaking
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I had every intention of waking up early this morning and starting it off right with a fruit and veggie smoothie. I figured out almost immediately that I should have taken out the frozen 4 field berry mix last night to thaw. I shudder every time I think back to my daughter’s BF stubbornly trying to make one with frozen solid strawberries. Painful. But, I was determined to have a smoothie so I measured about 2 cups and waited… Had a coffee. Did the usual page checks, email. I get a ridiculous amount of links to porn sent to my email. By the time I deleted them all and went for more coffee the berries were still frozen. 11:42. Plan miserably failed. I had a turkey wrap. That’s sort of healthy right? It was on flat bread and had lettuce after all. I’m cutting down my Mayo consumption (addiction) so just a little bit of that with some spicy mustard and YUM. I really need to pick up some seeds so I can grow more sprouts. They’d be great on these wraps! I’ve tried Radish which added amazing amounts of flavor and texture to my sandwiches for a while.

Still determined, when the fruit was finally thawed I threw in half a large Carrot, about a 1/3 of an English Cucumber, the frozen 4 Field Berry Blend, and a big spoonful of fat free Greek Yogurt into the blender and went to town. I haven’t made a Daiquiri for years… It took a while. I hate getting seeds in my teeth. Drives me batty. So I liquified the crap out of it. It helped with the seeds but my face sucked right into itself when I tested it. Total lemon face. I added a banana and Presto! Awesome smoothie. Too much for a snack though so half of it is in the fridge ready to go tomorrow morning when I get up early… Right.

I also made a soup experiment but I have food coma from eating it so I’ll need to write about it later!

Practicing Gratitude Daily…

5cups yingyang veg smooth Radish Sprouts grown on the counter from seeds.


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