Tension Release and Melody Dean

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Blog, Diary Of A Short Attention Span, Generally Speaking, Music, Soundtrack, Those Precious Moments
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No copyright infringement intended. This picture was innocently borrowed from someone who innocently borrowed it from Amanda Palmer's brilliant Kickstarter video. I didn't take it. Although I wish I had, I love it.

Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.
I’ve spent the last four (three really) months trying to settle into my “almost” dream house. I haven’t really done any work since we moved in. I’ve put stuff away, and meticulously set up ornaments, re-potted plants, moved furniture around 3 times; all of those things you do when you settle in. Somewhere along the way, more lately than ever I lost my focus. The only thing I’ve really focused in at least a month is the situation with the upstairs neighbor.

I like to blame our living situation for the fact that I haven’t made a ring in months, haven’t been able to focus on painting or work something out of clay or writing anything other than a colossal public whine-a-thon when I should be writing funding proposals. Blame the neighbors, blame the dogs (there are an extraordinary amount of dogs on my street), blame the months of construction in earshot, blame the unreasonable amount of noise from upstairs. It’s so easy to relinquish myself of any responsibility I might have, all in the name of creative block. After we move, in the dead of winter; I’ll find some focus.

Whatever. I love a challenge. Bring it on.

This song is helping immensely.

I’ve been on an Amanda Palmer kick since I heard it. And I’ve been drawing (helps me avoid packing). It’s quiet enough right now that I have the headphones on because I want to, not because I need them to drown out the noise. Awesome.

So thank you DFZ and AFP. I needed that. Collectively, you rock.

Support Independent Marketing Genius Musicians whenever you get the chance! Let go of those things that hold you back from doing what you are meant to do.
And go listen to this, right now.


  1. Creative blocks blow and I find change in routine bothers me a whole lot. I hope you settle into your groove again soon!

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