What The Hell Is This?

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Canada, Diary Of A Short Attention Span, Gardening, Generally Speaking

New Tenant

If this is what I think it might be I might freak out. It`s in my sunroom. Right now. On the one hand I wanted to help it because it looked like it had a fly stuck to one leg, like it was on a web and took some with it. I`m REALLY hoping it didn`t come in with me after crawling around in the garden doing fall clean up. OMG. I`m freaking out a little bit. More so that if it is what I think it is there might be more. In my house. I hate them. And yet at first I was all fascinated right up close. Then I heard the words. And I saw the tree at the zoo that moved. Like the WHOLE tree. Full from top to bottom with shiny gross skittery cock roaches. PLEASE someone tell me this is something else.

On the bright side, I got some neat pictures. Look at it`s eyes! I can`t any more. I`m getting all itchy.


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