Crowd-sourced Funding (Aaaaaggghhhh)

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Diary Of A Short Attention Span, Generally Speaking

I started looking into it in the spring and I was thrilled. And my brain was on fire. There was enough chaos for a while that I just put it on the proverbial shelf and forgot it there. Until recently. After 3 months I’m starting to feel settled in enough to start working on things that don’t involve moving furniture and hanging pictures. Rather, making furniture and taking pictures.

If I want to do that, I need to either find a magic pumpkin loaded with cash or just do the crowd-source funding like everyone else. So, I`m back to it. Now I just have to answer a few (HAH) questions for myself before I get started.

What am I funding exactly? Do I want to limit my first wade in the pool to small goals of getting better camera equipment, focusing only on photography? Or do I canon ball off the deep end and go for all of it, the industrial space for the big picture (no pun intended this time) – including tools like a camera and a compound miter saw? See? Lots of questions. Once I answer them I`ll have a whole new set. Like what to do for my video campaign. YIKES.

Have you gone for a swim? Do you know the secrets to successful crowd-sourced funding videos? Kick-starter or Indiegogo or MeBlitz or? Please leave a comment! I could really use some crowd sourced opinions! Like how you would spell crowdsourcing?!


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