It’s Aliiiiive! Aliii-iiiiive

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Diary Of A Short Attention Span, Experiments, Homesteading

Okay! So I think I have the layout worked out on this thing. What images stay where, and widgets galore. I just said Galore. I apologize. My Basil is growing nicely, which is what this is all about. I was pretty disturbed about a month ago when I spent $35 on herbs from a nursery and promptly killed them all within a week. The Sage is just managing to hold on as long as I pay close attention.

Well, it set something off because I’ve been planting all over the place. I’m determined to grow food and herbs in the house over the winter. There is some concern around the house (not mine) as to where I plan on growing all this stuff. I’ll figure something out!

We found these clear glasses at the Interfaith for I think $.50 each? We’d moved and my cousin was coming. I invited my parents to come surprise her. And of course the kids. So, we had exactly two glasses after the move. At some point I might go into how the majority of the kitchen stuff was my kid’s so when we all moved to different houses, most of it went with her. I guess I just did. Right, two glasses and 10 people. Shite. Excuse for treasure hunting though, awesome.  So we have these glasses. Which we don’t have room for in the cupboard and they have weird dishwasher etching in them. We agreed to take them back to the Interfaith. Why not, $4 well spent on one afternoon. When is the next time I’ll need 10 glasses? Out the door they went, onto the shelf outside that seems to be collecting things neither of us want to deal with.

So I planted in them. I thought it would be cool to be able to see the roots. There is Basil, Thyme, Chives, 2 Radishes (why not – just an experiment), Acorn Squash and some Garlic. There’s also some Garlic in a Tinkerbell cup V gave me because there was a chip in it. The Basil, Thyme and Radish seeds were all sitting around in packages from the W store or wherever. The radishes were super old, I’m surprised they actually sprouted. I’m really excited about the Chives because the seeds came from the bunches I pulled and brought with us from the last house which is torn down now. So I rescued something from it at least.

The Squash was an experiment. I tried some in water, some in soil, some in soil right in the half. They like the soil. It took a while but they’re going crazy now. Not sure how I plan to deal with that if I don’t successfully convince J that we should build a temporary greenhouse. I’ll have to grow it up the wall! The Garlic is from the store. I had too much so I split the cloves and put them upright in the soil and VIOLA! They are at about 2″ sprouted now. I just like growing it. The sprouts just grow all over. At least in the last one that worked.

This is my winter distraction, from winter. My challenge for myself is to get healthier and part of that is growing my own food, what I can. Also, eating a more colorful variety of food, which comes with growing it I suppose. It all goes towards the goal of being as self sufficient as a person can, living 2 blocks from downtown Calgary. More on that later. In the meantime, I plan to grow anything I can out of food I’ve bought from the store. I’ll probably break down and get more seeds, but it’s worth a shot. Plus it gives me something to take pictures of without going out in the cold!

Oh yeah, I am aware that the chances of something providing me fruit or a vegetable other than herbs over the winter are slim to none. I’ll plant it in the Earth after the last frost. I almost forgot the sprouts! I have some radish sprouts. Another experiment but it worked! Just poured the seeds in a plastic lid, watered it and left it on the counter. It’s been around a week and they’re starting to reach for the sky. I can’t wait to have them in sandwiches. I’ll be planting more and planning out the design for the back yard and the secret garden over the winter too.

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