Oatmeal & Dried Cranberry CookiesChecked the next couple days’ moon cycle for planting, sorted some rocks, transplanted squash and radish to a bigger “pot” for indoors (experiment), made cookies, read up on Lambs Quarters and Oxalic Acid, drilled holes in a partial frame for weaving (and put the nails in) which tested and failed miserably so far and…

All or Nothing disease is working for me today. I think I even decided to say to hell with worrying about designing the perfect site with Dreamweaver, just post on here for now. Content is more important. Right? I’m sure I’ll change my mind again in 3 days but whatever.

I figured I’d better take some pictures out back of the red creeper before its all gone. I had to go ask when it rained last didn’t I. It’ll be gone in days. Too bad. Looks awesome in the secret garden though. Well, the leaves on the ground look awesome. It’s still a bit of a mess though.

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