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Is that a real word? Regardless of the spelling or validity of the word, I am feeling it. Which is not exactly prudent in relation to the fact that I am moving, still have to find a home for the Chandler & Price, the 20 Somethings are still looking for a place and my house is maybe 1/3 packed. We can move in today if we want but we’re taking it easy and getting a U-Haul because I’ve done this enough times that there is no freaking way I’m moving with my car ever again.

My resistance to getting my butt in gear might have something to do with the constant vibration and noise coming from the Hydro-Vac truck parked outside of my current house. They’ve been replacing the gas lines on my street for about 4 days now. There are red hard hats all over the place. I keep thinking of some 80’s arcade game like Choplifter with¬† Safety Dance playing in the background. I think it might be time to put some headphones on and find some motivation.

Oh, and the very concept of democracy was crushed last night when Stephen Harper’s Majority Government bullied their way into the oil soaked future by voting against every single suggestion the opposition had for them in regards to Bill C-38. The hippie in me is going insane right now. I want to make signs and organize protests and go yelling in the streets for these people to stop now before it’s too late and our collective Canadian soul is lost forever.

Instead, I will hang my head in laxidasical shame and force myself to go pack the damned car.


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