Calm Chaos, Easter Ping Pong and Eric Clapton?

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Generally Speaking

Calm Chaos Is My Favorite

There’s nothing wrong with a little chaos. I just like it to be mellow and soothing (*blink* blink*blink*). I’m sure its another bi-product of not watching television. Not that I was a massive fan of chaos before I kicked the habit, but I never really felt like my senses were being insulted so much when I was used to having the constant din of the tv on in the background. This has nothing to do with what I wanted to write, but I thought of some Chaos from this weekend after confirming Easter plans.

Easter Approaches

We’re contemplating hiding treats for the kids. The only reason I mention it is that they are in their 20’s. I thought it would be hilarious. They may not feel the same. It’s still in negotiations. The problem with doing this is that I’ve been really thinking about consumerism and my foot print, what I’m spending money on, etc. So, the cheapest quickest way to take care of the Easter festivities is of course to hop in the car and head over to the nearest Walmart where you can find walls of the stuff. Great, huge chocolate bunnies just staring you down when you walk in the door. It’s like emotional ping pong if you have the weight loss idea lingering around in your head. Face the wall of goodies, make your way through to the clothes that should fit but don’t, go back feeling defeated to the wall. Write a note and hide it between the bunnies and the neon basket strings, and run for the bulk pre-made, shipped from California salad…Oh wait, wrong wall.

And Now She’s A Silversmith?

Well, I would not go that far. I’ve just decided that after decades of saying “I could totally make that” I’m totally making that.  So, beside the vinyl plotter is a table FULL of sparklies, just waiting to be strung or chained or hammered together to make some amazing Gypsy Armor™  that will save the world. Not quite. I’m working on a bracelet design today. It has no special powers other than it will jingle and look amazing, and be beneficial to your heart Chakra and Crown Chakra, if you’re into that sort of thing!… And I’ve made two necklaces, both of which were gone before the glue totally cured so I’m doing something right for at least one person’s taste! (Thanks for your spectacularness and support Scorpio, and my family because they are totally encouraging me and accepting of the fact that it’s exploded all over the house, in between all of the other obsessions of the month.) At least until I start making soap in the garage.

I have that song Change The World stuck in my head now, of which I am not a fan, but it’s Eric Clapton so it will always lead to something better. He’s amazing.

Have a spectacular Easter!

Practicing Gratitude Daily

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