Did I Mention They’re Over 21?

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Family, Super Heroes, Those Precious Moments

St. Patrick’s day is also my daughter’s friend’s birthday so they came over for the weekend. Much of the evening and following day was spent deciding what super hero her boyfriend could be because for whatever reason, Silver Surfer was no longer acceptable. I would just like to say that the 40+ crowd (all two of us) were not a part of the decision making process. There have been a lot of things being said around my house lately that I’ve been noting as “Conversations I never thought I would have.” There are enough that it might become a regular topic…Or at least t-shirts. This isn’t really a t-shirtable moment, but I think one worth sharing…

“Did you hear what they were talking about when they came in?” he asked me in his disbelieving, temporarily squeaky voice that happens sometimes, when he is in a moment of disbelief.

“What, that he found a new super hero? They’ve been talking about it for two days.”

“Yeah but did you hear which super hero?!” “You can’t be, he isn’t, he has, but…” his frustration billowing at this point…

“Okay wait, you aren’t shaking your head at the fact they’ve been talking about what super heroes they are, but at the errors they are making in regards to said super heroes?”

What?” He shrugged at me, feigning innocence.

Laughing hysterically at this point I responded the only way I could, “Holy shit I love you.”

Making a point of practicing gratitude daily…

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