Sizing For Real Women – This Is A Test

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Design, Generally Speaking, Printing

I’ve had issues with the way clothing is sized since I was very young. So starting up a t-shirt printing business, there are a few things that are going to be important to me.
First and foremost – how big is your largest size? If an extra large won’t fit a REAL average sized girl or woman, it won’t be in my line, period.
Second – do you (the clothing manufacturer) have a size zero or even a size two that isn’t for an infant? if you do, seriously, f*@k off. That’s a little harsh I know, but get real.

*The fact that a size 14 is considered a plus size makes me want to beat the people that make these decisions with a stick. 

My other factor in selecting shirts is going to be cut and fit. There is something super annoying about getting all excited to go see your favorite band play and thinking yipeee I get to buy a shirt, but WAIT…. the only shirts they have that fit people who have breasts make them look like tree stumps!!! Obviously designed by people without breasts. I LOVE wearing band shirts. I would wear them all the time if it wasn’t for this issue. I suppose that’s why I’m starting a t-shirt business… Hmm. The things you learn when you rant.



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