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“Look within.” whispered the voice in my head. Do you have any idea how much clutter I have to sift through in order to do that?!

I am determined to find the magic bean that will make this all possible. In the mean time I read a lot of blogs about living frugally, making your own stuff, eating organically or growing your own food, etc… I’m totally down with all of that. It’s hard to get started though! Mostly because I have so many things I want to do that I have a hard time figuring out where to start.

I was however totally inspired today by Nancy Today who said that she always has a bunch of projects on the go and she just does a little bit at a time of each thing, she putters. I would describe her as a DIY-er video blogger I guess? She’s awesome. She’s got so many videos! Soap, cooking, whatever. She does it all. It’s from her I heard the phrase “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” So far as I can tell it’s origin goes back to women during the Great Depression (1930’s). Wherever it came from, I love it. I’m printing it on something for sure.

So, I’m reading, deciding, thinking, making lists, remaking lists, listening to 1984 on audio because if I read it I won’t get anything else done. The fact that this is okay is one of the things I’ve decided. Really I started thinking about all of this stuff in the summer of 2010 when there was a flood at work. Lots has changed since then, but I have yet to really work on this “simple life”. From all descriptions, it doesn’t sound all that simple at all. But I’ve decided (yet again) that I’m going to babble about it as I go.

Check  out Nancy Today!


St. Patrick’s day is also my daughter’s friend’s birthday so they came over for the weekend. Much of the evening and following day was spent deciding what super hero her boyfriend could be because for whatever reason, Silver Surfer was no longer acceptable. I would just like to say that the 40+ crowd (all two of us) were not a part of the decision making process. There have been a lot of things being said around my house lately that I’ve been noting as “Conversations I never thought I would have.” There are enough that it might become a regular topic…Or at least t-shirts. This isn’t really a t-shirtable moment, but I think one worth sharing…

“Did you hear what they were talking about when they came in?” he asked me in his disbelieving, temporarily squeaky voice that happens sometimes, when he is in a moment of disbelief.

“What, that he found a new super hero? They’ve been talking about it for two days.”

“Yeah but did you hear which super hero?!” “You can’t be, he isn’t, he has, but…” his frustration billowing at this point…

“Okay wait, you aren’t shaking your head at the fact they’ve been talking about what super heroes they are, but at the errors they are making in regards to said super heroes?”

What?” He shrugged at me, feigning innocence.

Laughing hysterically at this point I responded the only way I could, “Holy shit I love you.”

Making a point of practicing gratitude daily…

I’ve had issues with the way clothing is sized since I was very young. So starting up a t-shirt printing business, there are a few things that are going to be important to me.
First and foremost – how big is your largest size? If an extra large won’t fit a REAL average sized girl or woman, it won’t be in my line, period.
Second – do you (the clothing manufacturer) have a size zero or even a size two that isn’t for an infant? if you do, seriously, f*@k off. That’s a little harsh I know, but get real.

*The fact that a size 14 is considered a plus size makes me want to beat the people that make these decisions with a stick. 

My other factor in selecting shirts is going to be cut and fit. There is something super annoying about getting all excited to go see your favorite band play and thinking yipeee I get to buy a shirt, but WAIT…. the only shirts they have that fit people who have breasts make them look like tree stumps!!! Obviously designed by people without breasts. I LOVE wearing band shirts. I would wear them all the time if it wasn’t for this issue. I suppose that’s why I’m starting a t-shirt business… Hmm. The things you learn when you rant.




This has nothing to do with anything, I just like it.

I’m told and I always read “write the things you know.” So….

I know my family.

I know I love my family.

I know the cat. Same I suppose. Not quite. But close.

I know fonts.

I know colors.

I don’t know how to spell anymore. I blame America. Sorry America.

I know I was just totally rude to a Walmart employee today. I felt terrible for it. I apologized. Hmm. “I’m not actually planning to steal anything”. Where the hell was my brain at?! She was totally hovering.

I know I think I’m a bit paranoid, like in the definitive sense. (See above)

I know 70’s television and the 70’s from the first time around.

I know I’m looking forward to finding “our place” and feeling settled first time in forever.

I know I miss my friends.

I know I still wish they’d given me first aid training at the city because Jack the Contractor is breathing REALLY heavy.

I know I just heard myself say “NO cat! What the hell are you doing?! NO LICKING THE VINYL!”

I know there are things I really would like to do, but I just don’t do them.

I know I get to clean up cat puke now because he has a serious addiction to adhesives.

So what does it all mean? I can’t focus on one thing to write about so I wrote a list and posted it.

Go Me.

I merely had the misfortune of being the tour guide. I did not ask for them to be cut down. I did not want them cut down. There’s a big ‘ole HOLE in the middle of the neighborhood. So, whether it’s because I’m trying to be a “Steward of the Earth” in some way or just trying to appease my guilt – I’m not sure. But I stashed a crap load of tree carnage in my garage. I’m PRETTY sure that in order to appease my guilt I AM being a Steward of the Earth and minimizing the waste in the landfills as best I can by making some really cool chairs?! Holy Moral Dilemma. Hey, everyone is getting coasters for Christmas! Ye-ah……