If A Tree Falls In A Metropolis

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Calgary, Generally Speaking

Okay I don’t know if I would go as far as calling Calgary a “metropolis” but there are definitely some trees being heard. Today is day 4 of the never ending chainsaw ballad emitting from my back yard. I rent. Nearing the end of last year I was informed that my house was under new management and the new guy had to come for a visit. It was a nice visit. Except for the part where he said nothing would be done about the leaky garage and the BEAUTIFUL trees in the back yard may need to come down because one was splitting and the others are overgrown and hang over the house etc. These trees are what give this house it’s presence. My last house was Peggy Sue, LONG and incomplete story here. This house was The Cabin.

Due to the amazing trees that gave us a beautiful canopy over the entire yard, I could sit out on the patio in the back in the summer and feel like I was a 3 minute walk away from a beach, or if I turned to look the other way, I’d be right in front of a mountain stream. Amazing.  Even the virtually non-stop traffic on the main road with only one house between us can sound like waves on certain days. I think, due to the insulation from the trees.

When they stopped last week I had hoped they were done. They’d gotten rid of one that could have been trimmed, that provided a bridge for the squirrels between our yard and the neighbors. They cut down the two that were leaning into the green house and the two remaining huge ones causing the actual problem were still there. One had been started. Every time I walked by it on the weekend I couldn’t look. It was like looking at a dog with a really bad hair cut. I just felt embarrassed for it.

They’re coming down this week. SIGH. Nothing I can do about it. Except move in June – which we need to do anyway to find a more suitable work/live space. And keep some of the poor tree to build something out of it so it’s not completely wasted and turned into dust. Maybe a sculpture? or 12? I guess it depends on how many giant pieces of tree stump I feel like moving in June. Between the Chandler & Price and the tree parts I think I better start saving for the movers now…

I think it’s safe to say those people that called me a tree hugger when I was younger may have been right. This hurts my brain and my heart. I’m almost ready to add “guerrilla tree planter” to my resume. Anyone have some night-goggles I can borrow?

  1. Heather says:

    so sad 😦 I hate when trees are ‘removed’.

    • nonaschnell says:

      I have a rather large pile growing in my garage so I can build things. There is A LOT of beautiful wood. There are parts where it was noticably rotting but I might carve that out and use it as a planter or something…We shall see!!! Good thing I have all those saws around…

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