Assault On My Senses – Part One

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Generally Speaking
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Considering starting a personal campaign against the ass-hat that purchases magazines for Safeway checkouts. It’s one thing to be reminded of my self image by all of the “health” magazines with anorexic women in bikini’s, and the plethora of negativity being spewed about celebrities. But seeing James Brown laying in state (this means Dead). Not something I need to see. Not something ANYONE needs to see. Don’t even get me started on the lack of respect shown (photographically) to Mary Tyler Moore, one of the strongest female role models I’ve had growing up.

The answer most give – don’t look. Change the channel, look away – power of choice. That was my passive argument for years…

I’m getting really fed up that more and more I’m not being given a choice. I’ve stopped watching tv. I’ve stopped listening to commercial radio (not that I ever did much). It seems like my senses and my common sense are being assaulted every time I leave the house.

  1. this is because most people are idiots and play into these sick gimmics and buy magazines. Congrats on not being a moron!

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