So, I’ve Taken Up Knitting

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Knitting & Textiles, Projects
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I’m not sure if it’s a symptom of being 41 or what. I tried to crochet for the first time in 21 years, and I hated it. I kept using the end of a paint brush to hold the loops open. I thought it might be less taxing to just knit. My daughter tried it eight years ago for about 5 minutes and for whatever reason I knew we still had the needles. Well dammit all, I only found one. So, I started with chopsticks. That was a bit annoying. They taper too much and the stitch is too tight to move. And there were slivers.

Then I sharpened 2 pencils. No taper. That worked SO much better. But I had graphite all over my hands and the beautiful chartreuse yarn I had was covered. So I bought knitting needles. It’s going a little better now. The yarn is still crap though, so I’m switching to the stuff I got for the zombie rug…

The WHOLE reason this got started is because we found some super cool recycled wool in Tibetan Trom at Eau Claire Market, downtown Calgary. I didn’t buy any, but about a week later a bag showed up full of it. My partner has a weakness for some really cool stuff. Gorgeous. So I figured I should find something to do with it. And we have a sh^%load of chopsticks. Dragon Pearl – best Chinese food in Calgary has the best chopsticks too. It’s SO good. We call for pick up, they say 2o minutes (maximum I’ve heard from them in a year) which is just enough time to drive downtown and we’re home eating in under an hour. I’ll never get delivery again.

Oh yeah, Knitting…What is that about?!

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