Putting Off Losing My Mind

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

I want your jeans…

I’ve decided to make a blanket out of old jeans. Or a rug. One of the two. We were out on an adventure yesterday and first of all found Shrinky Dinks. OMF I loved Shrinky Dinks when I was little. I really want to make some of those!! And then, saw some hook rug kits and I thought, “How awesome would it be to make a big rug out of the zombie dawn picture?!”

And Whamo! Like magic, rug canvas has appeared in the house within 2 hours. I am kind of spoiled. Skip to today, blue skies have returned and I have started to watch videos about hooking. Rugs. Hooking rugs – just to be clear. Anyway, some grandmotherly women from the “Midwest” have made a 90″ x 90″ denim blanket. It is awesome. I want one. Coincidentally there was a discussion just the other day about jeans wearing out and making a giant bean bag chair out of them. There is NO ROOM AT THE INN!!! Not for a bean bag chair anyway. But there’s always room for a huge blanket….

Seems like a good idea for keeping my mind off the presses.

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