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I like to think I`m fairly patient. However, the idea that my future presses are just sitting is making me goofy. I`m at the point where the movers are scheduling an onsite estimate so that`s cool. The fact that there are 3 sites has me a little nervous about how much moving around 4500lbs of equipment will cost me.  But I`m still SO EXCITED!!!!!!

I suppose I could quit procrastinating and start printing on the screen press. Too much stuff to start all at once. I have a song to not write. Damned Garage Band. I love it. This patience thing, not so much.

Consider This My Two Weeks Notice

T-Shirt Design - Consider This My Two Weeks Notice

Zombie Dawn Is Here

Available as poster prints, t-shirts, hoodies, cards, bags, etc... If I can print on it, it's available.

Deal made, one Studebaker for a couple of presses and some other equipment to get started with. AWESOME!!!

Not sure when we`ll be moving it. These ones have some give with the timing. The Chandler & Price Letterpress, not so much. Have to locate industrial movers over the next week and see how it goes. In the meantime there are two Codeword Magenta Print designs ready to go!

If you have a show, go for it. I’m all over promoting local artists. Which, on the internet is open to anyone anywhere I suppose. But really, leave a breadcrumb as to where in the world your show is please. It will help your cause much further.